CwM consultants help clients solve water supply and quality issues

While water is everywhere in the Pacific Northwest, it can be difficult to acquire, put to use, and manage in a sustainable and profitable enterprise.  CwM helps clients to calculate water supply needs, obtain rights to water, and to preserve and manage water resources.  

Water supply and water right issues only get more complicated with time

CwM also provides infrastructure project environmental planning and permitting to avoid delays associated with unforeseen natural resource, water supply, and water quality permits.  CwM has demonstrated experience assessing these impacts and leading infrastructure projects through these multi-layered environmental regulatory barriers.


CwM water projects serve clients in:

  • Industry and real estate development

  • Irrigated agriculture and nursery markets

  • Municipal water departments

  • municipal wastewater facilities

  • Mine development and operations

  • Thermal and renewable power generation

  • The bottled water industry

  • Technical Support and expert witness    

The success of CwM is based on a passion to get the project done right and at a level of technical excellence, experience, and quality of service that eclipses our client's expectations.  If a surface water, stormwater, groundwater, or a water quality challenge confronts your project, CwM can connect you to a solution. 


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